Body Needs: Organic and Inorganic Minerals

I bet what you have thought of is the chemicals and hormonal production, but have you thought that these could be minerals needed by our body?

Organic minerals are those minerals that cannot be easily absorbed, it needs another molecule to aid body absorption, but are absorbed better. Meanwhile, inorganic minerals can be easily dissociated and broken down by the body, but are difficult to absorb. It can irritate the stomach as it interacts with other minerals.

Organic minerals contain organic food based on acids, like citrus and amino acid. These have a higher nutritional value and a higher bioavailability. It is less reactive, thus stomach irritation is decreased.

All minerals are essential to our body, however, four of them are the key minerals—magnesium, calcium, zinc, and iron.

Magnesium aids in the functions of the muscle, bone, metabolism of carbohydrates, energy production, blood glucose regulation, cardiovascular health.

Calcium aids in the functions of the bone, nerve, and muscles.

Zinc aids in immune function, reproductive health, wound healing, digestive function, and sensation.

Iron aids in tissue oxygenation, cardiovascular health, energy production and immunity.

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