Organic Detox: Tea and Benefits

Along with organic diet and lifestyle, people have been resorting to detox diets. Detox diets can reduce or prevent toxins in the body. Side effects from excessive intake of sugar, alcohol, junk food, and cigarette smoking are prevented by detox.

It depends on you on what detox diet you want, but in general, all detox plan starts with a fasting phase and it will be strictly followed by a diet of fruits, vegetables, and water.

This question might be common, ‘what foods should be consumed when you are on a detox diet?’, well, one should consume:

  • Organic foods or unprocessed foods
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • 2 Liters of water

When you decide to go on a full detox diet, one should avoid

  • Alcohol, cigarette, and caffeine
  • Refined sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • Processed or refined foods

Now, let us focus more on herbal detox tea. Most people who find organic detox successful combine their detox tea in their detox diet to make it become more effective.

Detox tea comes with the name ‘skinny tea’, ‘weight loss tea’, and ‘cleansing tea’. These tea are made from steeped roots and herbs immersed in warm water, which can help the kidneys remove toxins and the liver to improve its function.

An example of a natural detox tea and its health benefits are the following:


Green tea is the most efficient detox tea—its antioxidant levels are higher than any variant of detox tea. Green tea contains polyphenols, an antioxidant that can kill cancer cells. No matter what form the green tea is consumed, it is healthy, thus, when looking for green tea in the supermarket or farm make sure it is organically produced.

Green tea extracts can be boring, add a little flavor by mixing it with a fruit juice or making a smoothie with the green tea.


This tea comes from the leaves and roots of a dandelion plant. Dandelion tea contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D with a minimum amount of potassium, magnesium, and zinc. The antioxidant anti-inflammatory properties of this tea aids to be a detoxifying agent for the liver that can improve the flow of bile. Weight loss is promoted by this tea as it has a laxative effect, and it can replenish the loss of electrolytes because it contains a high potassium level.


Sylmarin is a combination of three flavonoids, it compromises 80 percent of the content of this tea. It aids in the repair and protection of the liver cells and reduces liver inflammation. Thus, if you want a detox tea that can aid the function of your liver, consume milk thistle tea on a daily basis. Other than its benefits for the liver, it can treat disorders of the gallbladder. It can maintain the cholesterol and diabetes level of a patient.

This detox plan can be tough because you have to cut off some certain foods and drinks in your diet, but have a more healthy outlook on life.


You may be wondering on how to live life in an organic and natural way, you might have been convinced by someone that having an organic lifestyle does not only improve your health but the overall quality of your life.

To live with an organic lifestyle, one does not only choose to eat organic foods, wear clothes that come from organic materials, and use organic facial and body supplies. These methods can remove the waste and toxins in your body, but there is more than just using organic products.

What gives people the motivation to change their lifestyle is their concern for the environment, pollution, the unnatural food sources, and health problems. Living an organic lifestyle basically includes conserving energy, cutting off waste to protect the environment. It is a lifestyle that regards choices that can benefit your health and the community.

Switching to an organic lifestyle is not an overnight change, this can take a while. But do not worry! It is fine to take one step at a time.

Start an organic lifestyle now, follow our blog for more relevant information.