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Looking Back


A couple decades ago one could go into a health food store and be confident that the products available there would be pure.  Customers assumed the stores would do the research for them.  It was not a very complicated matter – there were the unhealthy processed foods peddled by the big conglomerates, and the natural foods made by small producers and sold in small health food stores and food cooperatives.  There wasn’t much in between.



Changing Times


Things have changed.  As the natural food industry has grown in the last 35 years, a sell-out has occurred.  A walk down the aisles of almost any health food store, “natural foods” store, or food cooperative today will reveal shelves stocked with hydrogenated oils, white sugar, refined salt, irradiated herbs, meat from factory-farmed animals, genetically modified ingredients, pesticide-laden produce, cancer-causing preservatives, toxic personal care products, and a plethora of other unhealthy items. 



Drawing The Line!


Terra Organica seeks to be an oasis from the practice of prioritizing market share above environment and health under the guise of “natural”.  We are the only grocery store in the Pacific Northwest that holds such high standards for product selection.  Roughly 95% of the foods available in Terra Organica are organic or wild-crafted.  We research each product we sell to ensure it is ethically produced and the purest available.  Every item has a reason for being on the shelf.



Why Organic?


Before World War II, almost all farming was done organically on small family holdings.  The post-war era saw an increasing dependence on chemical agriculture.  This was based on the belief that ever-stronger synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers would be an easy and cost-effective answer to weeding, pest problems, and the labor-intensive nature of farming.  The health and environmental costs of these toxic chemicals were largely ignored.  At the same time, family farms rapidly disappeared, wiped out by the onslaught of mega-farms.  The huge agricultural conglomerates that own these farms evaluate their success on balance sheets, not on the vitality of the soil or the quality of food produced.


By contrast, organic farming is a method of cultivation that returns organic nutrients to the soil.  Organic farming relies on compost, naturally occurring minerals, and beneficial insects, such as lady bugs, to maintain soil productivity and plant health.   By adding organic matter to the soil instead of synthetic chemicals, the proper balance of nutrients is maintained in the soil and is available for absorption by the plants. 


Indeed, many studies have shown that organically grown foods tend to be more nutritious than conventionally grown foods.  And, because synthetic chemicals are not allowed, less toxins are released in the environment and less end up in our bodies.


For an excellent overview, visit this page. 



Natural Remedies


There are now thousands of companies making tens of thousands of vitamins, minerals, herbal preparations, antioxidants, homeopathics, glandulars, and combinations of these in a variety of capsules, tablets, lozenges, liquids, and powders.  We have made it our job to sort through the dizzying array of nutritional supplements and offer only what we consider to be the best tried-and-true products at the best prices.  We emphasize organically grown herbs and food-grown vitamins and minerals.



Exceptional Standards


More and more, “natural” products contain artificial ingredients.  This is possible because there is no legal definition of “natural”.  At Terra Organica we will not knowingly sell any food product containing artificial preservatives, flavorings, colorings, sweeteners, or other artificial ingredient.  There is a large body of evidence that indicates these laboratory concoctions contribute to a wide-range of debilitating diseases and conditions including cancer and mental imbalance.  Unfortunately, the chemical and processed food industries have incredible power within government institutions, such as the FDA, that should protect the public from these poisons.  Our position is that there is no safe level for ingesting such artificial chemicals.



Personal Care


Most personal care products are also loaded with toxic ingredients, including products labeled as “natural.”  Cosmetics are not regulated, meaning there is no governmental approval process for either the ingredients or the final product.  The vast majority of ingredients have never been tested for their long-term health effects.  Terra Organica goes the extra mile to be sure we sell only the best, well-tested, cruelty-free and non-toxic personal care products.  We will not knowingly sell any item containing sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol, and a long list of other ingredients.  Look for these ingredients on your toothpaste, shampoo, and other personal care products.  If you find them, there are people putting their profits before your health.  Terra Organica holds similar standards for household cleaning products.



Terra Organica

We Do the Research!



Terra Organica has made a commitment to carry products in support of the following diets:


·        Gluten-Free (including a 100% gluten-free section!)

·        Raw Foods (an amazing raw foods section too!)

·        Westin A. Price Foundation

·        Body Ecology      

·        Macrobiotic            

·        Paleo Diet

·        Plant-Based (plus vegetarian and vegan)





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