Terra Organica and Bargainica are health food retailers serving the Bellingham area.


Café, Deli & Bakery


Tel. 360.594.6069

Hrs. Mon-Fri  7am-7pm

Sat 8am-7pm / Sun 9am-7pm


*  = Certified Organic

(GF) = Gluten Free

 (V)  = Vegetarian






Regular $7.50 / Large $11.95


Served with a Bubbies kosher dill pickle


On Breadfarm focaccia

or ask for gluten-free flat bread (add $1 for reg, $2 for lg)


Ham & Swiss

Skagit River Ranch ham*, Gruyere (Swiss) cheese, tomato*, red onion*, spinach*, mustard*


Turkey & Bacon

Applegate natural smoked turkey, Olli Guanciale (jowl bacon), Greenbank raw milk cheddar, tomato*, red onion*, spinach*, avocado aioli*


Roast Beef & Cheddar

Applegate grass fed roast beef, Greenbank raw milk cheddar, tomato*, red onion*, spinach*, Bubbies horseradish, unrefined sea salt


Roasted Red Pepper    (V)

roasted red peppers*, mozzarella*, red onion*, spinach*, tomato*, sun dried tomato aioli*



Applegate natural pepperoni, Applegate natural Genoa salami, Olli prosciutto*, mozzarella*, tomato*, red onion*, spinach*, balsamic aioli



Olli prosciutto*, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil*, tomato*, red onion*, balsamic aioli, black pepper*, unrefined sea salt


Caprese    (V)

fresh mozzarella, fresh basil*, tomato*, red onion*, balsamic aioli, black pepper*, unrefined sea salt





Hot Sandwiches

Half $7.50 / Whole $11.95


Served with a Bubbies kosher dill pickle


On Breadfarm rye bread

or ask for gluten-free flat bread (add $1 for reg, $2 for lg)


Tuna Melt

Tuscan tuna salad (local troll caught albacore, celery*, fennel*, parsley*, estate grown extra virgin olive oil*, lemon juice*, unrefined sea salt, pepper*), tomato*, red onion*, Greenbank raw milk cheddar cheese



Niman Ranch uncured natural pastrami, Bubbies sauerkraut, Grueyere (Swiss)cheese, sun dried tomato aioli*


Tempeh Reuben    (V)

marinated tempeh*, Bubbies sauerkraut, Grueyere (Swiss) cheese, sun dried tomato aioli







Deli Salads*    (most GF, most V)

check the deli case for today’s selection of house made deli salads 


Plate of 3 Deli Salads* -  $6.95

With salad(s) containing meat or seafood - add $2.50 per salad


Soup*    (GF, most V)

Made by Ciao Thyme - check the board to see what we have today - Cup: $3.95   Bowl: $5.95


Raw Olives*    (GF, V)

four varieties to choose from: Moroccan Spice*, Vinegar & Thyme*,  Garlic & Oregano*, and Lucques*.  Sea salt cured 6-18 months.    $9.99 / lb






W/Sandwich, Panini or Soup Bowl


Vegetarian Deli salad*  (most GF, V) - $2.00


Deli salad w/meat or seafood  (most GF) - $3.50


Cup of soup*  (GF, most V) - $3.00


Raw olives*  (GF, V) - $2.00


Bubbies sauerkraut  (GF, V) - $1.00


Bubbies dill pickle  (GF, V) -  50¢


Kettle potato chips  (GF, V) - 79¢





All Day Breakfast



Locally made by Nome Dog Bagels

Plain  (V) - $1.25

Cream cheese - $2.50

Cream cheese &

wild Alaskan lox - $5.50



Made with local organic eggs.  See deli case for today’s selection.


House Made Granola

rolled oats*, walnuts*, almonds*, dates*, butter*, maple syrup*, unrefined sea salt, served with milk*  (V) - $4.95


Leah’s Gluten Free Granola

gluten free rolled oats, almonds*, pumpkin seeds*, walnuts*, honey, extra virgin coconut oil*, brown sugar*, extra virgin olive oil*, sesame seeds*, cinnamon*, vanilla*, ginger*, sea salt*, served with milk*  (GF, V) - $6.95





Solis Nutritional Blends

8 oz,  12 oz


Energy (chocolate)* - 3.95, 5.95


Calm (vanilla)* - 1.95, 3.25


Immune Boosting* - 1.95, 3.25





Traditional Beverages

8 oz,  12 oz,  16 oz


Hot Cocoa* - 2.50, 3.00, 3.50


Steamer* - 1.95, 2.50, 2.95


Chai Tea Latte* - 2.85, 3.45, 3.95


London Fog* - 2.85, 3.45, 3.95


Tea* - 1.95, 1.95, 2.25


Pot of Tea* (16 oz only) - 2.45


Creamy Italian Soda (16 oz only) - 3.95


Milk* - 1.50, 2.00, 2.50





Coffee Drinks

8 oz,  12 oz,  16 oz


Drip Coffee* - 1.50, 2.00, 2.50


Americano* - 1.85, 2.35, 2.75


Capppuccino* (8 & 12 oz only) - 2.50, 3.00


Latte* - 2.50, 3.00, 3.50


Mocha* - 3.00, 4.00, 4.50


White Mocha* – 3.00, 4.00, 4.50


Breve* - 3.15, 3.75, 4.35


Cubano* - 3.00, 3.50, 4.00





Solo, Doppio                       


Espresso* - 1.50, 1.95


Espresso Macchiato* - 1.85, 2.40


Espresso con Panna *- 1.95, 2.50







Extra Espresso Shot* - 65¢


Extra Flavor some*- 65¢


Extra Chocolate* - 75¢


Milk Substitute (Soy*, Rice*,

Almond, Coconut*) - 65¢




Our nutritional blends use organic herbs and live superfoods to create fresh and delicious beverages.  They are caffeine-free and high in antioxidants and minerals.  Made in Mount Vernon.



Our coffee beans are wild-harvested and certified organic from self-propagating coffee plants in the jungle of Nayarit, Mexico. The beans are hand sorted and sun dried. These methods go beyond organic in terms of ecological impact and purity. As Direct Trade beans, the fees that otherwise go to first-world trade certification agencies instead go directly to the people who harvest the coffee.  This results in a better price than they would get selling through “Fair Trade” channels. Our coffee beans are then freshly roasted near Seattle by the Poverty Bay Coffee Company.



The milk, cream and half and half we use are all local and certified organic from Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy in Lynden. 



We use Monin flavorings because they are among the highest quality and purest available. Many are certified organic, and none contain high fructose corn syrup. 



We use premium, organic, single origin, 74% Felchlin dark chocolate from the  Dominican Republic in our mochas and hot cocoa, never chocolate syrup.  Like our coffee, the prices the farmer’s receive is above and beyond the norm for “Fair Trade.”



All our teas are organic.  The bulk teas are blended locally by Living Earth Herbs and Misfits Bliss.  Our teas are among the highest quality to be found anywhere in the world.




We have gone the extra mile to source the best, healthy, natural, organic and local ingredients.  These also happen to be the tastiest!  Due to their artisan nature, we do experience occasional shortages.  When this happens, we substitute the next best ingredients we can find. 


Prices are subject to change without notice. 


We are 100% transparent about every item on our menu.





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