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Welcome to Terra & the Bellingham Public Market!

1530 Cornwall Avenue

Bellingham, WA  98225

Tel. 360.715.8020


We are the Premier Destination for Your Healthy Lifestyle

Huge Changes!

We have changed our name and grown! The wall has come down and the whole building is now the Bellingham Public Market. We have e expanded the retail part of the store from 5,000 to 15,000 square feet. Every section of the store is bigger; we have added a conference room, beautiful big rest rooms, and so much more. We have changed our name from Terra Organica to simply Terra (that’s what most people call us anyway), we have a new logo, and we are excited as heck!



We have more organic products than you can shake a stick at, including the area’s only all organic produce department, bulk foods, fresh and frozen meat, and a gazillion other organic products. Plus, all of our produce is 20% off every Sunday!


One of the Top 12

In 2013, the Organic Consumer’s Association chose our store as one of the Top 12 Right-To-Know stores in all of North America! We were recognized for “leading the natural food industry by working with manufacturers and local producers to transition to non-GMO ingredients and by advocating for GMO labeling.” 


Gluten Free

We have a TON of DELICIOUS gluten-free products!


Nutritional Supplements

Instead of stocking 15 linear feet of B vitamins, we do the research and stock only what we consider to be the best and highest quality vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and so on. We have a kick-butt selection of superfoods, including the whole line of Health Force Nutritionals products. We’re also into food grown vitamin lines like MegaFoods and New Chapter.



Organic milk. Raw milk. Local milk. Milk in glass. Organic cheese. Raw cheese. Local Cheese. Artisan cheese. Cream, and the rest of it.


Raw Foods

One of the best selections to be found anywhere on the planet.


Beer & Wine

No cheap crap – just the good stuff at competitive prices. Of course, this includes organic, sulfite-free and gluten-free selections.


Discounts Like Crazy

We have tons of products on special on any given day, plus the following weekly discounts:

Sundays – all produce 20% off!

Wednesdays – seniors (65+): 10% off everything!

Saturdays – students (w/ID): 10% off everything!

(Note: these discounts require a free Terra Card, which is simple to sign up for at any or our cash registers or the customer service desk.) 


We also have a Monthly Speical flyer available online or in the store. (To read or print the online copy, see the top of right column of this page above our store hours.) 


Price Matching

If you find something cheaper elsewhere, we will match the price on an identical item from any other store in Whatcom County, even when a competitor has the product on sale!


Small print: we do not match prices on produce, clearance items, or from products purchased online. Price matching cannot be used in combination with special orders or other discounts. We will price match up to three items per customer per visit. 


We do the Research

Our niche has always been to research the products we sell to be sure they are ethically produced and the purest available. We also believe in transparency – people have the right to know what is in (or not in) their food, and how their food was grown and processed. In 2012 we became the first store in North America to label products that are likely to contain GMO ingredients. We implemented a more comprehensive labeling program in 2014 that evaluated every product based on 12 criteria including organic certification, GMO status, gluten-free, raw, independent or corporate ownership of the brand, labor conditions, how far away it was grown/produced, allergens, etc. Unfortunately, we discovered that the labels were creating information overload for our customers (and made our shelves appear cluttered, making people even less likely to read the labels). As a result, we are now in the process of revising our product information labels. The new labeling system will be far more user friendly and provide more customized and complete information about the products on our shelves and the companies that produce them.


Herb Store

Owned and operated by an accomplished herbalist, Living Earth Herbs stocks organic and ethically wild-crafted culinary and medicinal herbs.


Café / Deli / Bakery

Trapeze makes exceptional espresso from wild-harvested coffee beans, Panini and hot sandwiches from organic ingredients, fresh organic deli salads, a delicious selection of organic and gluten-free baked goods, and so much more.


Food Court Eateries

Besides the Trapeze café (which is owned by Terra), our food court houses several other excellent locally owned restaurants. They include Ambo Ethiopian Cuisine, the Electric Beet Juice Co. (fresh made juices, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, etc.), and Makizushi (sushi and Asian foods). Between these eateries and the option to purchase ready-to-eat food from the store, the food court is a great place to find something everyone will like!


Plus . . .

A movie rental store (Film Is Truth 24 Times A Second) with over 15,000 titles to choose from, a used book store (Mt Baker Books), a community bulletin board, a 99¢ fee ATM, free wi-fi, a comfortable and inviting environment, free recycling for cell phones and all types of batteries, a clothing donation bin, and an amazing community of customers, business owners, employees, farmers and others. Terra and the Bellingham Public Market invite you to browse, eat, hang out, or shop!




Here is a quick overview of some features of this website. You will need to scroll up a bit to find the tabs they refer to.



This is by far the most popular feature on our website. Click here or on the healthy recipe box near the top of this page. There are hundreds of kitchen-tested recipes in the database, and more are being added all the time.


Our Story

An action packed thriller about how our crazy business model came into being, and where it’s all (hopefully) going. (Click here.)


News & Features

This page contains the latest health news as well as interesting feature articles.  The content here is updated every business day, so you can come back often if you are interested in keeping up on these important and fascinating topics. (Click here.)


Find a Practitioner

A list of holistic healthcare professionals in Whatcom County.  If you have a practice and would like to be listed, please use the “contact us” feature of this website and we will email you the pertinent information so you can appear here too! (Click here.)


Other Tabs

We have worked to make all the sections of this website as relevant and engaging as possible. Click around for coupons, driving directions, holiday hours, and other information. We hope you’ll explore this website, and come back often to see what we’ve added!



Thanks for visiting our website. Enjoy!

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